customer success is just that, focused on doing anything and everything within your power to ensure your customers are successful. The relationship that customers have with your business is managed by this team. The big difference between “customer success” vs customer service or help desk terms we just talked about is that a success team is not the first line of defense for customer problems. You wouldn’t normally contact a success manager and expect the person on the other line to directly fix your issues. Instead, they are a liaison that can work channels internally to leverage a customer service or help desk team. They own the entire relationship and are a knowledgeable advocate for customers to contact so their issues or concerns are accurately conveyed internally.

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In short, while “customer service” and “help desk” do share some similarities, they are quite different both in the industries used and how they relate to customers. The term “customer success”, which is being grouped with these terms more often, is not really a synonym and instead takes a step back from directly resolving problems to focus more on the state of the overall business relationship with the customer. While all three terms certainly have their place in customer-focused industries, businesses should take a moment and ensure they are using the correct terms for their employees and departments. Likewise, it's important to know the terms so you can determine which business software solution is appropriate for your needs.