When you agree to a service level agreement (SLA) from a provider, you need to understand what those percentages mean. Out of the box, an SLA of 95 or 98 percent availability per year sounds great, but do you know what that really means to your site or service? At 95 percent, you can expect as much as 18 days of unplanned downtime. At 98 percent, you can expect over seven days a year of unexpected downtime. Can you afford it?

A combined downtime of over two weeks may be fine for some businesses, but it could be catastrophic for others. Before agreeing to the offered SLA, plug in the numbers into our nifty little tool and know exactly what you agree to.

What are the SLA Metrics?

Did you know that you can have partial outages? User location can also affect your site's availability. Although partial availability is better than none, does it truly satisfy the agreement? Using Uptrends' checkpoint network with 217 worldwide testing locations, you know how well their SLA holds up from a global perspective.